Four Edina MN Restaurants Serving Up Great Food And Good Times

It is back to Edina MAN because I have four more restaurants to tell you about. You are going to know where to take the family for a nice meal for sure. This city near Minneapolis is charming, and there are 80+ restaurants there to choose from. Rest assured, the four names I’m giving you are in the top tier when it comes to places to eat. It is time to discover four more restaurants in Edina MN that you and your family will enjoy.

Pizzeria Lola seems to be a very special restaurant in Edina. It is certainly one of the top ranked establishments, but it is something else I noticed that made me say that. On a top travel site that groups restaurants into categories, Pizzeria Lola seems to be on each list for the city of Edina. Also, it’s not just a top ranked restaurant. It is actually #1. Located on Xerxes Avenue South, Pizzeria Lola not only serves up the best pizza in town but short ribs and great dessert options, too.

Red Cow is up next, and it is located on West 50th Street. Can you tell that this is a place to get a good burger? In fact, you have all kinds of great options. Have you ever had a breakfast burger before? This establishment also serves up pulled pork, and that’s always a favorite of mine. However, if I am at a burger joint, I’m going to order up a burger, what about you?

George and the Dragon is the next restaurant, and that is a cool name for a place to eat. Located on West 50th Street, George and the Dragon serves up some unique eats. For example, lumpia and battered green beans are on the menu. The establishment also features pretzel bread, fish and chips, bangers and mash and a lot of other great menu items.

Town Hall Station is on Valley View Road, and it is known for its beer, tacos and much more. Reviews mention that it is a pub but an upscale pub. Whether you pick Town Hall Station or one of the other three restaurants I have mentioned, you will enjoy your meals for sure. Take your time, as Edina MN seems like a very peaceful and relaxing place to be. Each place of interest you visit in Edina MN should be an adventure, and that includes the places you eat.